The Twiin is

A Singer, Actor, Dancer, Director, Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Choreographer

Having worked with some of the best in the world, an uncompromised high level of quality is standard in all productions he “touches”.

Known for his calm and collected nature under the most extreme pressure, Hlubi has created a reputation of excellence in all his work.

Hard work preceded by smart preparations marks the simplicity in his methods, yet always has high level of sophistication uncompromised.

Main Objective is

to create a world of entertainment where mediocrity has no space. 

Creative Blackground is

 a company headed by a man they call “the swiss army knife” of the entertainment business, Hlubi “The Twiin” Kwebulana

With a wealth of experience in directing, choreography, event production, music production, and acting, Hlubi has now put all of this skill and experience into one hub, which is Creative Blackground.

This company produces high quality entertainment productions that leave lasting memories, and provide some of the best entertainers the country has to offer on local and international stages.